I know I get asked all the time what are the weather conditions of the creeks? Are people catching fish?

Well, here is the best answer I have for you.

It’s a live camera feed from Elk Creek and it’s was setup by Uncle John’s Elk Creek Campground.

Take the time to look at these great cameras.  It gives you 4 camera angles to see the creek conditions and to see if anyone is catching fish.  I know for a fact that you can watch people catching fish because I have and I have seen people fighting the steelhead and then either landing them on the bank or netting them.  I’ve actually watched this happen live, yes live.  It’s so cool to watch.  I actually wish they had something like this down at Walnut Creek where you could watch live what is happening in the creek and watch people catching steelhead.

So here is where it is all happening and live

Click on the image below to go to the camera you want to view

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