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Steelhead Fishing – 9 lb Steelhead – Walnut Creek Erie Pa

Published on 11/04/2012 By Michelle

Steelhead Fishing – 9 lb Steelhead – Walnut Creek Erie Pa I just wanted to add a couple of pictures of my 9lb steelhead that I caught on Saturday while fishing on Walnut Creek -Erie, Pa     Like I said I had a great day on the creek on Saturday. Hope you were able […]

Steelhead Fishing Walnut Creek

Published on 11/03/2012 By Michelle

Steelhead Fishing Walnut Creek Erie Pa – November 3, 2012 I decided to try the trip up to walnut today. I didn’t get up early, I arrived around 9:30. The creek looked good and alot of people were fishing. I didn’t see anyone catch anything as I walked up the road along the creek so […]

Walnut Creek – Steelhead Fishing – Low and Clear

Published on 10/13/2012 By Michelle

I did make it out on Friday morning to try and catch some steelhead. I only stayed about an hour because the fishing conditions were not my ideal conditions and I didn’t want to waste my time fighting the conditions. I did see a couple people that had a steelhead on but I couldn’t tell […]

Rain came yesterday

Published on 10/11/2012 By Michelle

After receiving rain for most of the day yesterday- Wedsnesday- I image the creeks will be getting close to ideal conditions for today and tomorrow. I am going to try and get out and fish tomorrow – Friday so I will hopefully have a report for you but if you get a chance, get out […]

Fishing Reports – Steelhead Fishing Season Has Begun

Published on 09/27/2012 By Michelle

I haven’t made it out to fish yet but last weekend I did make it out to walnut to look around and check things out.  There were people fishing off the wall.  I saw one steelhead caught while I was there.  I talked to a couple people that said they were hitting pretty good that […]

Walnut Creek Fishing Report 1-30-2012

Published on 01/31/2012 By Michelle

I had a chance to get up to Walnut Creek and check out the creek conditions on Monday late afternoon.  I do have to say I think this is the only time that the parking lot has looked like a ghost town.  I couldn’t believe it!!  There were 3 cars parked along the pier by the building and […]

Steelhead Fishing Report….It’s Raining Here!!

Published on 11/22/2011 By Michelle

So, all day it’s been raining here (Tuesday) and all I can think about is this would be a good time to get on the creeks. I’m guessing due to the amount of rain we have received today (all day) the creeks might be blown out for a little while but if you can catch […]

Steelhead Fishing Erie Pa Walnut Creek 10-29-2011

Published on 10/29/2011 By Michelle

Steelhead Fishing Erie Pa Walnut Creek 10-29-2011   Well,  it was a great day to be on Walnut Creek this morning.  I did hook up several times but nothing in the net today.  However, everyone seemed to be catching them all over.  I saw numerous people walk out with their limit of 3 steelhead. I […]

Erie Steelhead Fishing Conditions October 25, 2011

Published on 10/25/2011 By Michelle

Erie Steelhead Fishing Conditions for October 25, 2011   I haven’t been able to get out and do any steelhead fishing for a few days but Jack has been posting some videos almost everyday of people catching fish at both Elk Creek and Walnut Creek. I am going to post a few of them here […]

Steelhead Fishing Water Conditions 10-21-2011_Walnut Creek_Erie Pa

Published on 10/22/2011 By Michelle

Steelhead Fishing Walnut Creek 10-21-2011   I was up at Walnut Creek yesterday morning and it had rained most of the night before so the creeks were running high at 8:00am yesterday (Friday). I checked a couple of sites and they are saying that the creeks are coming back down so they are probably fishable […]