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Steelhead Fishing At Its Best  0

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I fished Walnut Creek yesterday 10-8-10 and I really had a great time.  I had atleast 10 or more hookups (I stopped counting).  I had several hits on brown wooly buggers, pheasant tail flies,  prince nymph bead head, egg sacks, and salted minnows.  I know I am forgetting something but I was constantly changing my bait up throughout the day.  Started on the creek about 6:30am and mainly fished around the chutes.  There were guys lined up behind us that were sitting and waiting for someone to leave so they could fish in our spots.  As soon as one of the guys next to me had a fish on and had to go down stream to land it, someone would try to step in and fish in his spot.  I was drifting the bait without an indicator for a while and then with an indicator.  I had hookups both ways.

One thing I have learned from drifting with an indicator is that you should use something that is white.  It doesn’t spook the fish because it is natural for them to see white bubbles on the surface so it will appear like the indicator is a white bubble or something similiar that they see all the time.  I use an orange color on top and white on the bottom and I also have just plain white ones.  Just a little tip that may help you land more steelhead.  Get out there and fish!!