Steelhead Fishing Conditions Walnut Creek 10-20-2016

Steelhead Fishing Conditions Walnut Creek 10-20-2016
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I did go up to walnut creek this morning but I decided not to fish. The creek conditions were really murky and high due to the rain overnight. I did put together a few videos showing you what it looked like around 11:00am on 10-20-2016. Sorry about the multiple videos but my computer was not working correctly to put them all together.

Trout Run Steelhead Waterfall

Steelhead Fishing – 9 lb Steelhead – Walnut Creek Erie Pa

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Steelhead Fishing – 9 lb Steelhead – Walnut Creek Erie Pa

I just wanted to add a couple of pictures of my 9lb steelhead that I caught on Saturday while fishing on Walnut Creek -Erie, Pa

steelheadflyfishingtips.com_steelhead_walnut creek10-9lbs steelhead


steelheadflyfishingtips.com_steelhead_walnut creek9-9lbs steelhead


Like I said I had a great day on the creek on Saturday.

Hope you were able to get and catch some steelhead.


Fish On!!


Steelhead Fishing Walnut Creek

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Steelhead Fishing Walnut Creek Erie Pa – November 3, 2012

I decided to try the trip up to walnut today. I didn’t get up early, I arrived around 9:30. The creek looked good and alot of people were fishing. I didn’t see anyone catch anything as I walked up the road along the creek so I could enter to go past the manchester hole. I did see several stringers of fish as I walked past people who were fishing in the machester hole.

Walnut creek is running with good flow and good color. You couldn’t see the fish but you knew they were there because once I set up I saw people catching fish. I set up along the chutes just above the manchester hole. I really enjoyed it as I had about 15 or so fish on throughout the day. I left around 2:00pm. I did only land 4 but I didn’t have my netter guy there today and I had to chase several fish down to the manchester hole just to try and land them. The rapids were to tough to land the fish alone.  There were several fish I tried to man handle to much and they broke off. I caught all of the fish on a variety of flies. I had to put 7 split shots on just to get the flies to the bottom. I use the blackbird split shots they come in 4 different sizes.

I only used flies today no sucker spawns, eggs sacsk or anything else and all of the flies I used today I purchased from this online store:    A Day Away Fishing Adventures

Here’s a few of the flies I used today:

I had several fish bite the Signature Articulated Stone Fly ( Metallic Blue )  

Articulated Stone fly #-14 Sparkle off color

Copper John sz 14

Signature Articulated Stone Fly ( Black ) Size 14

Olive Caddis w/ peacock hurl head ribbed w chartruese ultra wire –  sz 14

Like I said, I had a great time fishing Walnut Creek today.  At one point while I was fishing I looked up and down the creek and there were 6 people that had a fish on at the same time. I do have some pictures and some video so hopefully I will be able to get them onto the computer and get the video made.  I did weigh my last fish with the scale I had and it said 9 lbs.  It was a really fat and had nice color.

Of course, I did get a couple of pictures but released all fish to be caught again another day. If you get a chance get out and fish…it should be one of the best times to fish these next few days.  I know today was a great day for me and I would have stayed all day if I could have.  Tomorrow (Sunday) should also be good even if the creek comes down a little.


steelheadflyfishingtips.com_steelhead_walnut creek8

steelheadflyfishingtips.com_steelhead_walnut creek6          steelheadflyfishingtips.com_steelhead_walnut creek5        steelheadflyfishingtips.com_steelhead_walnut creek4         steelheadflyfishingtips.com_steelhead_walnut creek3      steelheadflyfishingtips.com_steelhead_walnut_creek


Fish on Everyone… Michelle

Walnut Creek Fishing Report 1-30-2012

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I had a chance to get up to Walnut Creek and check out the creek conditions on Monday late afternoon.  I do have to say I think this is the only time that the parking lot has looked like a ghost town.  I couldn’t believe it!!  There were 3 cars parked along the pier by the building and 1 other car.  That’s it.

The water conditions looked good with a tint of green color to the flow but the creek was really low.  I didn’t see a fish the entire length of the creek from the bridge down.

The creek was moving nicely but no fish to be seen.  The weather today was high 50’s and really nice.  It seems the only place they are getting fish according to the videos from Jack are at Elk Creek Park Access Area.  If you want to fish you may want to check that area out.

I can’t wait for spring steelhead season to begin.