Fish are starting at the mouth of the creeks

Hey Guys

Just wanted to let everyone know that the fish are starting to gather at the mouth of the creeks. I’ve seen reports that people are getting fish in the early mornings because we have had some cold nights and some rain here. It won’t be long before the steelhead are fully in the creeks and the season will be on. I can’t wait! Weather is calling for a chance of rain here Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Keep checking back for reports, pictures and videos.

New Steelhead Fishing Video From Jack York – October 2013

Hey Everyone…Jack York posted a new video today….I have it below…check it out.

1st Steelhead Fly Fishing Trip Of The Year To Walnut Creek, Erie Pa

I made the 1st trip of the year up to fish for steelhead at Walnut Creek, Erie Pa…It was a nice morning to be out steelhead fishing.  I arrived around 7:30am and fished the hole above the stop sign.  There were fish in there as you could see them moving up and then back down all morning.  I did manage to catch 1 steelhead on a blue fly but that is all I was able to catch.  It was a nice size steelhead but it did come off as I was pulling it onto the rocks for release.  I took a few videos…when I get them on my computer, I will add them to the site.  There were a couple of guys fishing the hole with me and they were getting steelhead pretty steady.  One of the guys from my previous videos was there fishing and he caught quite a few steelhead…probably around 8-10 or so.  I only stayed for an hour and a half since it seemed like it slowed down as soon as the sun came up.  There are fish in the holes and they are moving up and down but the creek is low.  Definitely some more rain to bring the creeks up.

Steelhead Fishing Update – Elk Creek And Walnut Creek

Everyone…Check out the updated post from Trout Run Bait & Tackle’s new pictures – September 27, 2013

Trout Run Bait and Tackle




Steelhead Fishing Erie Pa – The Start Of Steelhead Moving In To Walnut And Elk Creek

Steelhead Fishing Erie Pa – The Start Of Steelhead Moving In To Walnut And Elk Creek


Check Out This Post by Trout Run stating that steelhead are starting to come into Walnut Creek, Elk Creek, and Crooked Creek.  There are also two pics of a couple of guys with their steelhead.


Check Out The Steelhead Post From Trout Run Here