Fishing Walnut Creek Erie Pa 11-7-2015 and 11-8-2015

I was able to get out and fish last weekend at walnut creek.  Jake and Tony got to experience fly fishing in the creek.  We did have several hookups but none landed on Saturday.  Sunday, we got up really early and were on the creek by 6:30am fishing the pool above the chutes but we soon found out that the creek was even lower than the day before and had definitely become clearer overnight.  This made it difficult to fish but we gave it a shot.  We had a few early hookups but were still not able to land them.  We will continue to try and get them their first steelhead hopefully sometime in the future.  If you are looking to get out, the water in walnut creek is extremely low.  They are calling for rain today and Thursday, Friday, and a chance of snow on Saturday so I am hoping the creek conditions improve to bring in more steelhead and raise the water levels.

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Steelhead Fishing Erie Pa 2015 Walnut Creek

Just wanted to let you guys know that I was out last Friday fishing with my niece at walnut creek.  We were able to get about 5 or 6 steelhead to hit but we couldn’t land any of them.  I was trying to get her to land her first steelhead but we will keep trying.  I then went to walnut creek on Saturday and I was able to land 2 steelhead with several others getting away.  I will work on seeing if i can get some of the video posted.  This weekend I will be trying to fish again as right now they are calling for some rain on Friday.  Hopefully we will get more rain to keep the fishing moving in and up.  Tight lines everyone!

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Steelhead Video from 10-4-2014 Fishing – Walnut Creek Erie Pa

Here is the video I promised you.  Okay…keep in mind this is the first time I am filming with my new Gopro and I had it located on the top of my waders but I can see now that I need to find a new spot for it as my hands and reel get in the way sometimes.  Mainly check out the creek conditions and the fact that people were catching fish, forgive me for the being in the way of the video.  I will get better!





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Steelhead Fishing Season Has Started!

Hi everyone!

On Saturday, Oct 4, 2014 – I decided to head up to walnut creek in Erie, Pa to check out how the steelhead fishing was going to be for the day.  I knew we had gotten quite a bit of rain the day before so the creeks should have been up enough to help bring in more steelhead.  I was right.  I only stayed for about 4 hours but while I was there, I enjoyed every bit of the day fishing for steelhead.  I fished most of the time in the hole above the stop sign and also a little bit in the rapids about that hole.  All I can say was people were catching steelhead the whole time I was there.  I was fishing across from a guy that was killing it with a yellow blood dot (red dot in the middle of the yellow yarn) and a drop down pink sucker spawn running off of that.  I know for the people that were fishing around me that pink was the color of the day.  There was a guy next to me that was catching them on pink egg sacs.  I was catching them on pink egg sacks and pink crystal meth sucker spawns.  I only landed 2 fish but I had so many on the line that actually just broke the line…either I did a bad job tying them on or the line was just to light for the steelhead.  Either way the steelhead would jump and take off and it was just nice to see.  I saw tons of people with a set of 3 steelhead on their stringers.  There were people fishing everywhere below the bridge, even in the rapids people were getting fish.  I did see people fishing in the chutes area but I never made it up there to fish because as you know, if there are fish were you are fishing, don’t leave.  You couldn’t actually see the fish in the water because of all the rain we got so there was no way to tell just how many were in the hole I was fishing but you knew when you got a hit and I loved seeing the people around me hook up and have that steelhead come flying out of the water.  It was a good day and it will only get better.  I am working on a video for you that I took with my new gopro camera.  I actually attached it to the top of my waders so the view is alittle different but I will have to find a better place for it in the future.  You get to see the creek and some video of steelhead being caught.   This week they are calling for rain for the next several days so if we do get it, the steelhead will continue to just move up as it has also been cold here so perfect conditions for steelhead fishing.  Get out and fish,  It’s Steelhead Fishing Time!

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Steelhead fishing conditions 9-20-2014 Erie Pa Walnut Creek

Here is an update on the walnut creek conditions and how many steelhead are in the creek right now as of Saturday 9-20-2014

The wall at walnut was full of people fishing, I did see a couple of stringers of fish.  There are several pods of fish scattered off the wall.  There is also a pod of fish at the stop sign hole.  Creek is very clear as you can see in the video and we need rain.


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Fish are starting at the mouth of the creeks

Hey Guys

Just wanted to let everyone know that the fish are starting to gather at the mouth of the creeks. I’ve seen reports that people are getting fish in the early mornings because we have had some cold nights and some rain here. It won’t be long before the steelhead are fully in the creeks and the season will be on. I can’t wait! Weather is calling for a chance of rain here Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Keep checking back for reports, pictures and videos.

New Steelhead Fishing Video From Jack York – October 2013

Hey Everyone…Jack York posted a new video today….I have it below…check it out.

1st Steelhead Fly Fishing Trip Of The Year To Walnut Creek, Erie Pa

I made the 1st trip of the year up to fish for steelhead at Walnut Creek, Erie Pa…It was a nice morning to be out steelhead fishing.  I arrived around 7:30am and fished the hole above the stop sign.  There were fish in there as you could see them moving up and then back down all morning.  I did manage to catch 1 steelhead on a blue fly but that is all I was able to catch.  It was a nice size steelhead but it did come off as I was pulling it onto the rocks for release.  I took a few videos…when I get them on my computer, I will add them to the site.  There were a couple of guys fishing the hole with me and they were getting steelhead pretty steady.  One of the guys from my previous videos was there fishing and he caught quite a few steelhead…probably around 8-10 or so.  I only stayed for an hour and a half since it seemed like it slowed down as soon as the sun came up.  There are fish in the holes and they are moving up and down but the creek is low.  Definitely some more rain to bring the creeks up.

Steelhead Fishing Update – Elk Creek And Walnut Creek

Everyone…Check out the updated post from Trout Run Bait & Tackle’s new pictures – September 27, 2013

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